The Garden


We invite you to explore the "secreted" gardens of La Cle D'or behind their antique wrought iron gates and brick walls (2000). No matter the season, the gardens are full of delightful plantings. English ivy abounds, as does Chinese wisteria, boxwood, Southern grandiflora magnolia, tulip magnolia, dogwood, pyracantha, barberry, juniper, roses, acuba, Alberta spruce, azalea,rhododendrons, hens and chicks, hosta, Japanese maple, euonymus,althea (rose of sharon), forsythia, yucca, yew, various hollies, and Bradford pear. Perennials include iris, peonies, chrysanthemums, coleus, black-eyed susans (Maryland's state flower), liriope, mint, lamb's ear, Oxeye daisies, phlox, coral bells, violets, and clematis. The gardens are festooned with a variety of Dutch bulbs for spring blossoms such as daffodils, crocus, tulips, and lillies. Unusual plantings include a prickly pear cactus. Each year the gardens grow more and more beautiful. Other items in the gardens for your pleasure include picnic seatings on the flagstone terrace near the back gateway entrance. Reproduction Renaissance cherubs (of the four seasons), fountain, and urns are noteworthy as are the Roman columned busts of David (by Michelangelo) and Caesar. Other reproduction statuary in the gardens include a full "David", a seated "Prudence" next to the white birch trees, and "Rosie" within the front yard gardens under the Buford holly tree. Did you also see the Tuscany gargoyles at the front gate and the gargoyle lanterns at the garage? Gargoyles were used in Medieval Europe and Gothic cathedrals to scare away and frighten evil from the church, thus, ours face outward too. Lastly, if you did not notice, a golden angel perches on the Green Street chimney to smile at you.

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